List of wifi and bluetooth drivers? chipsets the OS supposrts?

So because all of the Libre boards dont have wifi or bluetooth we need separate devices can we look in the OS and find what drivers in the OS supports rather then just buying random modules and then they dont work?

When i got my board i already had 2 USB wifi modules so i thought ide try them first, ofcorse neither one worked so now ill need to buy one and i want to make sure i get one that is supported.

The 2 wifi modules i have are Odroid module 3 and a netgear with 5G neither worked i was kinda bumbed


  • My Le Potato is running Android Nugget from microSDHC card. I would like to connect LePotato board to WiFi but I do not know what USB WiFi dongle to use. I tried RT5370 that works with Android on ODROID-C2 board but this dongle is not recognized by Android on LePotato :-( Any hint on WiFi USB dongle that is compatible??
    Generally I prefer high speed Ethernet cable over unreliable WiFi but there are situation those require WiFi:
    - There is no free Ethernet socket in the room
    - Some applications don't accept Ethernet connection because they are written in the way that they check for WiFi connectivity :-(

  • @PSL WiFi drivers differ from image to image depending on who made it and whether the image is using Amlogic's SDK or upstream Linux. You have to check with the people that released the image to determine which one is supported.
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