RetroPie, How to get the current build to load EmulationSation

This is for this image Here
Obviously your le Potato will need internet for this. Once you've booted see the bit about EmulationStation not being found, you're dropped to a Bash prompt do:
sudo apt install rapidjson-dev
sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/
From here you will select "Manage packages", then "Manage core packages", then "emulationstation", then "Update from source" It seemed to take less than 10 min for me. 
Restart and you should be on your way. 


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    emuELEC is amazing, however, I cannot think of a way to make use of it with my eMMc module.
    I don't know any programming. So I cannot solve this problem by any of these methods:
    1. Mod the emuELEC image so that it contains a copy of itself pushable into emmc. (would also require re-implementing the custom commands "i.e. redetect emmc" which I don't know how to do.
    2. Modding the broken Retropie image so that the "distro_transfer" command actually works

    Another solution would be 
    A. Buy a USB-eMMC adapter for desktop and just use etcher to burn any image you want into eMMc (not possible since LoverRPI guy basically abandonned the project and ran with the money)
    B. Use the working "ubuntu bionic headless mali" image to install the OS into the  eMMC module, and then do a completely fresh RetroPie install on it. [THIS IS THE Only Option for me since I am not some kinda genius]
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    So I think the solution might be the following (must use Putty for copy and paste or you will go crazy)
    1. Install Ubuntu Bionic headless with Mali onto TF card:
    2. Transfer it to emmc as per instructions found in:
    Login with  "libre" as username, then "computer" as password
    hot-plug emmc enter re-detection command (blah-blah-blah see instructions) then enter this at the end (instructions are vague/wrong (the command must be concatenated)
    "sudo lc_distro_transfer libre-computer/aml-s905x-cc /dev/mmcblk0 lc-ubuntu-18.04-headless"
    3. Shut off. Remove microSD card, Reboot, let the emmc boot to ubuntu Headless, then install the optional graphics API "wayland"
    update-alternatives --install /usr/local/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/mali mali /opt/libre-computer/model/aml-s905x-cc/mali/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/wayland 100
    Select your API with
    "update-alternatives --config mali" and then enter the number that corresponds to "wayland"
    4. Follow the instructions on, but before running the "" script install the C++ compiler or whatever this thing is (from the original poster), which is required for the RetroPie Script installation to succeed.
    sudo apt install rapidjson-dev
    5. Run the new Retropie script as per GitHub instructions but modified for this unrecognized (Amlogic) platform
    sudo __platform=generic-x11 ./
    Hope it works, you should now have RetroPie on Amlogic on your LePotato eMMc module, which would otherwise most likely just be a paperweight.

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    The wayland API seems to be working, but now it says "Emulation Station crashed!
    Will Attempt to reinstall, any ideas? 
    I used the "Update underlying kernel packages" and it broke everything of course.

    The best bet will be to wait for some kind of USB-to-emmc adapter for the PC, PERIOD. Because I cannot figure this out.
  • try this using armbian, it works on la frite, so I have a theory it will here too, grab the armbian focal image, install it and boot it up, install git, update, then git clone htts:// and build that, its like retro pie but has more goodies in it and works almost exactly the same. Only ive been working on porting it over here and it's up and running on la frite now. once its cloned cd into the ares-setup folder and use sudo ./ and the rest you should be familiar with already. if it needs a platform use sudo __platform=mali-drm-gles2 ./
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