How do you flash Ubuntu to eMMC on Linux?

edited May 2018 in ROC-RK3328-CC

I've just received a ROC-RK3328-CC
I'd like to flash the Ubuntu 16.04 image to eMMC using a Linux server

According to the manual page here;

If I want to flash the raw image, I must use the rkdeveloptool
Thus, I've cloned the Git repo, and successfully built the rkdeveloptool tool.
Now... where to find the raw image.... Hmmmm, the Getting started page [1] contains a link to a raw image [2], but the link is broken (leads to a "page not found").

Does anyone have a link to the raw image file for the Ubuntu 16.04 image?
Or better yet, Ubuntu 18.04, since it's now released and generally available?

[1] -
[2] -


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