so I cannot get to the GUI when I login. I get sent to the CLI where I login with firefly:firefly and I cannot get to the desktop. It worked yesterday then I had to start over and re-imaged a new SD card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Not sure if this will help - try the command at the console: startx

  • Nope, I just get that it failed to create a file via template and that it is a read-only file system

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    I got that too.
    Your device may be overheating. Check your heatsink and or remove the enclosure when you first install the image.
    Also, before you re-flash your image, you can try the command # sudo e2fsck -y /dev/ where, is the name of your block device.

    Mine was : firefly@firefly:~$ sudo e2fsck -y /dev/mmcblk0p5
    the sudo fdisk -l command should be able to find your block device if the error message doesn't tell you, or you can list the boot messages $ sudo cat /var/log/syslog

    That seemed to fix my corruption. ext4 doesn't have any crc checking for files. I need to try convert over to the BTRFS file system but, i'm still learning. Not sure how far I will get.
    Just try the above first.

    If none of that helps, re-image the flash unit and try again from the start. Just make sure the CPU is not overheating when booting and the power supply is allowing enough power.

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