Ubuntu 16.04 LTS LibreTech Linux 4.14.3 Desktop Preview Image 4

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This is a preview image 4 based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the mainline Linux 4.14.3 and u-boot with some out-of-tree patches.
The u-boot is based on the latest 2017-11 release due to upstreaming work by Neil Armstrong from our partner BayLibre.
The image is designed for >4GB SD cards at the moment and has not been tested (and definitely will not work) on eMMC. Support for eMMC will come on the next version.

Changes from Preview Release 3

  • Upgraded Linux kernel from 4.13.3 to 4.14.3
  • Switched from Amlogic's u-boot to mainline u-boot 2017-11
  • Added automatic filesystem resize on boot to expand to full MicroSD card size
  • Added ssh host key regeneration on boot
  • Disabled CVBS in the device tree to decrease HDMI resolution unsupported issues
  • Utilize the latest zstd compression feature of BTRFS for faster read/write
  • Increase MicroSD card bus speed
  • Faster 2D performance

Outstanding/Known Bugs

  • SSH is enabled and there’s a default password for the libre user
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 is not enabled since performance of xf86-arm-soc hinders the GPU performance
  • There may be an issue with ethernet PHY
  • Kernel and other packages need to be deb’ed
  • Missing 4K support in the mainline kernel

Image Download Link


Getting Started

  1. Extract the zipped image using your operating system utility.
  2. Write the image using dd or Win32DiskImager to a MicroSD card. This will wipe all the data on the MicroSD card.
  3. Plug in and play!
  4. Login user is libre and password is computer.


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