Blinking Cursor on Startup

Hi all.

I'm pretty new to SBCs in general, so forgive me if I've been missing a big step.

After flashing the image to my SD card with Rufus, I only get a blinking cursor in the top left with no other text. LEDs come on an with the red and green solid, and the blue with a fairly steady blink. This happens with any image that I've tried, Ubunto 16 and 18, both coming from the Libre downloads page. I've tried imaging the SD card with two different computers.

Basically I am trying to figure out if this issue is a defective board, or if it is the cheap SD cards I have, or if it's another issue, such as a bad SD card reader I've been using or if I am completely missing a step required.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Thank you



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