Error when flash Raspbian imgage to AML-S905X-CC.

Hi all !

I want install Raspbian in this board.

I have download the image 2018-04-18-raspbian-stretch-libre-computer-aml-s905x-cc-20180704 and md5 is "ca6dc633ba5e6a7ea8220c7e88e5a218"

When I import this file in USB Burning Tool v2.1.6 I have this error :

"Parse Burning Image Fail"

I try another file (aml-s905x-cc-ubuntu-xenial-linux-libretech-4.14.29-libre-computer-02957-g0567c68c5f4d-dirty-desktop-2018-04-10) and I have the same issue.

How I can fix this please?

Best Regard.



  • You have to dd the image to a MicroSD card directly or use Win32DiskImager. That image is not for the USB Burning Tool.

  • Thank you for your answer. I installed the image on the SD card. It works very well.
    However I wish I could flash the memory emmc with this image.

    When I turn on the AML-S905X-CC with the SD card and the EMV, it boots on the emmc.

    How to boot on the SD card while leaving the emmc plugged in?

    Then with the following documentation I should have used this command:?

    sudo lc_distro_transferlibre-computer/aml-s905x-cc /dev/mmcblock0 emmc path to 2018-04-18-raspbian-stretch-free-computer-aml-s905x-cc-20180704.img

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